Leonardo da Vinci Project TuCoDe: Tutor Competence Development for RIAPs Managers

TuCoDe project aims to create the unified e-learning course “Internet Access Points Management that would ensure an accessible and life long training for internet access points administrators and managers which will improve the administrators’ management and administration, training, communication and marketing skills in Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland. The main target group of the project is RIAP administrators and managers, the most important success factor of the sustainability, activity of RIAP. 75% of RIAP were open in libraries (the survey was done by PHARE “Rural Internet Access Points I” project), they are managed by librarians, a new position was not created. Librarians having their primary jobs overtook new tasks which they had not dealt with before. The rest of RIAP administrators are volunteers, school teachers, community leaders. There are no specific training for such a target group which could ensure successful administration of such centres and implementation of all needed functions in RIAP: public service centre, electronic communication centre, distance job and job search centre. The