The main challenge of the MOVE-ON project is to increase the overall volume of participation in adult learning and vocational education by focusing on the possibilities offered by the portable devices widely adopted lately as the new access medium to learning. MOVE-ON’s expectation is to motivate, enable and support busy adult professionals in learning on the move or at 'non-places'.

The project aims to develop and demonstrate a new practice for adult lifelong learning and personal development based on widespread portable devices, to be consumed while on the move or at 'non-places'. More specifically MOVE-ON aims at developing and valorizing an innovative and attractive all inclusive mlearning system that will support acquisition of knowledge while on-the-move or at the 'non-place' and offer self-directed personal development in new contexts.

Learning material (courses) will be designed and developed that cover a selection of subjects and skills that demonstrate growing demand from employers across all levels of employees. These are: Project Management, Logistics and Sales Management Skills. This material will be easily adaptable for different portable devices and organized into smaller learning units (max. 10 min duration) that fit the transient context of mobile use and the MOVE-ON pedagogy.

Feedback from pilot testing will provide insight into the appropriate educational approaches that suit the mobile context and motivate mobile users to engage with m-learning services.