Info ReDis

IST Requalification of the Disabled persons (Leonardo da Vinci Project)

The project aims to the establishment of sustainable system of the re-qualification in information technologies, inclusive generation of ODL training materials, which will become a part of the rehabilitation process. The results of similar project of Kaunas Technical University, Lt, will be utilised in the project too. The needs of the market will be identified by the market study and the variety of modular courses will be discussed with the various level of requirements (to meet different aspirations of disabled persons), leading either to the certified courses, or diploma courses. The pilot courses will be delivered to the persons who undergo the process of healing and rehabilitation under the supervision of the physicians, and some recommendation on the training regime will be derived and presented as an annex to the training materials. It is expected that the courses will be delivered on the not-for-profit basis for disabled persons and for-profit basis for the other clients, and a part of the profit generated will be used to create the system of permanent updating and extending of the training materials.